Resolutions are made to be broken. Here’s why!

As the buzz of New Year is dying down, I think it is time to introspect.

My New Year always starts with a bunch of resolutions which coincidently fall in line with resolutions made by atleast another million people!!


Twitter says the top New Year resolutions for 2015 are to work out, be happy, lose weight, love myself, work harder etc.

Wow now that is easily my list of resolutions too. After all who wouldn’t love to be fit happy energetic and efficient!

I am sure I do!

But why are resolutions so important??

Because all of us accept at some point or the other that we aren’t perfect and we need to improve.

Thank God! I at least resolve to be better,  if not be!

Why choose New Year for resolutions?

Because Jan 1 is the easiest date to remember. it marks another year, which gives us more time than a week or month but more foreseeable less time less than a decade (whoa!!)

All is well till now.

A few days/weeks pass by and I reconsider my resolutions and ask myself, Why?? Why all this pain? (I conveniently forget “After all who wouldn’t love to be fit happy energetic and efficient! “)

I find the following reasons to dodge the resolution.

a. It can surely wait. ( Till next Monday, 1st of next month, till my birthday or any other date i can think of!)

b.It is totally not worth the effort. (Oops did i say ‘Thank God I at least resolve to be better’?!)

Further more introspection gives me enlightenment.

Resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something.

However, that ‘something’ must be need driven, not baseless. the need should be so strong that you have no choice to back out.

I realize that “Necessity is the mother of invention most changes.”

A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem – Republic, by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato

All the positive changes I have made till date are need driven. I did not have the luxury not to change.

So, I wake up early not because of my resolution but because my son wakes up at dawn and tells me “Ma! Sun is up, why are you sleep in bed!”.

I do yoga because my back would not hold me up otherwise!

I try to be disciplined because that is the only way i can get work done in all the chaos I am surrounded with!

Post enlightenment, maybe my enthusiasm about resolutions end right there! All that has to change within me shall change is due course of time.

All I need to do is have a profound thought of what changes I would truly like for myself and slowly implement those changes. One a time. So i shall wait till the next ‘appropriate date’ (perhaps new years according to lunar calendar) for my next set of resolutions, which i truly resolve to stick to.

Or I shall die fit happy energetic and efficient unhealthy sad tired and inefficient!

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