I resolve to be unconditional, for you my baby..



Here you are, popped out of me without much notice. I did not have you till yesterday but today my whole life revolves around you. In a few years you would be independent and you would need me no more…

My parents would have put in all their effort to give me as much as they can. I will do the same for you and you will, for your baby.

The reverse does not hold true. I do not give back even a part of what my parents gave me. It is a futile effort even to try. It isn’t really cyclic.

We love giving, often more than what is necessary for those who we love and care for, more for our children than for anyone else. But it is not for nothing.

How often do we think, ‘I give you my everything, and you reciprocate with thanklessness..’

And there dies the beauty of the most beautiful…

Every time we give, we unconsciously expect. The love is no more love, it then becomes a liability.

It is important I realise that I give you all that I do, not because you ask me to. But because I want to. Not because I am forced to but because it’s natural for a parent to provide. Unconditionally.

Through you I satisfy my motherly urge. But the moment I expect that you take care of me in return, it loses its beauty.

The beauty of unconditional love.

This is one important lesson I learnt from you, my baby.

If you love, love unconditionally. If you give, give unconditionally. Be it for your friend, love or child.

Then there is no room for disappointment, no room for frustration.

Only happiness and satisfaction remains.

So Dhruv, anytime I corner you with that hopeless line ‘I brought you up with so much love and effort and look how you reciprocate…’, remind me of my resolve to be unconditional, if not to anyone else in the world but with you..

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