The Bumpy Advantage!

Make hay while the sun shines


While it is good to keep the previous post (‘The Bumpy Bliss..Time To Reflect!!”) in mind, there is no harm in taking advantage of your condition these 9 months!!!

There should be no guilt because it is through you that the little one gets all the good of the world. So you must continue to facilitate the process!!

Some important things you must not miss to do:

  1. Wake up in the middle of the night craving for the rarest of the rare flavour of your favourite ice cream and get your partner to drive you down that instant, eat it then puke it and just say..

‘Oops!! Our baby doesn’t seem to like it honey…am sorry!!’

  1. Get rid of all that you don’t like at home but is there coz your partner or family wants it there and say

‘It’s not me..I love it here you know …It’s our baby darling, she really doesn’t seem to like it…wouldn’t you do so much for our little one?!’

  1. Anytime you want to cut a queue, at the movies or the ATM, all you have to do is let out a deep sigh, put your hand on your bump and look at it longingly…and consider your job done!!!!

Now I’m sure I have provoked the sleeping devil within you…you can surely think of a lot more can’t you?!!

Go ahead do it all and let me know how much fun it was!!!!

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