I am happier than you and here is the proof!!

I was on a holiday recently when I realized the crucial role social media plays in the life of a normal person, for who any of the trending social issues are way too much to discuss and handle. The desperation to record every small or big event so that it can be ‘posted’ on a social media site sets in. Everyone aged between 15-75(or more) want to portray themselves as hot and happening.


It has easily become one of the basic necessities in life. Not to be happy but to prove that I am happy.

Not just happy but happier than you.

To yell out to the world :

  • How I am living my dream (and yours)
  • How I have the best job/spouse/child/house
  • How I am better off than most of my ‘friends and family’

How do I ensure this?

Click. Click. Click. Every new item (clothes shoes bags car house pets vacation)with me in/with it.

Now, let us assume that we remove this necessity from our life.

Not the need to be happy, but to prove that I am happier than you.

What will change??

Yes I will click less.

I shall try to live life rather than click it for a 1000 people to ‘like’!

The moment I don’t have to prove a point, I start living. Living for myself.

I shop something because I love it (aesthetic) or I need it, not because I want to show it around. It is another story that people will eventually see it and appreciate when I use it but I buy it to use it and not because a 100 others find it trendy.

I go on a holiday to experience it. Not to click every pebble and pillar and yell out to the world that I was in the most expensive holiday destination.

I work out to be healthy and not to portray that I am 10 years younger than I actually am. Or that I am fitter than my friends.

A lot would change the moment we remove ourselves from the watchful eyes of a million other people. The moment our motive is to be happy and not to prove it..

Give it a try. Log on to your social network now! You’ll see how hard people try to prove they are happy!!

Remember happiness could mean different things to you and me. Know what makes you happy and pursue it.

P.S: If you find happiness in other’s misery, God save you!

12 thoughts on “I am happier than you and here is the proof!!

  1. Awesome!

    Hope you had a great vacation.

    Well yes … Social media has provided all of us with veils to mask our lives. People can quite easily read each other during a face to face talk or a call over phone; however in a virtual conversation, you can prove you are living the best life on earth and that lady luck is just hugging you.

    Fake thirst … Fake water!

    For people who understand reality, social networking is a window to exchange information and keep tabs … while for others, it is a medium for advertising their second lives. And … God save them!


  2. Lovely read. I belong to the same school of thought. It’s too much of a burden to be on social networking and has become an added pressure of modern day living. My friends sometimes judge me for not being too active on Fb, etc. It’s exhausting…having genuine offline relationships help maintain the sanctity.
    It was so reassuring reading your article. Would love to reblog it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much! I find it the hardest thing to do. Fake smile fake pics all to showcase my happiness. I’d rather spend than energy in doing things than genuinely make me happy!
    And thankyou for considering to reblog it!


  4. This was such a refreshing read, to reassure that I am not insane and abnormal… I have had couple of “friends” judging me for my choice…. Not that I am completely out of this “race” but I am at least not one of those who literally put my day to day activities(read pictures/status updates) on social media, only the things I wanna share, not what people wanna know… I cannot comprehend that, how “wishing” your one year old’ first BD on a social platform important and necessary where that poor soul doesn’t even exist, Why Tom-Tom it to the whole world????
    Anyways to each his own… And, I know what’s mine 😉


  5. truly my feeling expressed in such a wonderful way…loved it. social media can be used in so much better ways !!!


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