First few days of a new mommy..

Hello New Mommy 🙂 🙂

So your bump is off you..the bump you have embraced and stared at for hours together…touch and felt for 9 long (or short) months is now gone. You have just popped out your baby..Hurray!!!



  1. On having your new baby
  2. On surviving the ordeal. It is no small deed..Oh yea, millions of women do it everyday…BUT no man does..(This could be your one liner for the rest of your life; every time there is a tiff!!)!!

SO what happens after the baby is out???

While we have tons and tons of material telling us what a lovely experience pregnancy is and the endless checklists the new mom must possess, We often ignore some small but important activities right after childbirth..

Here we are running you through a series of things you MUST remember to remember/do on your first few days post delivery…

  1. Remember to take a long look at your little one…sit back and stare at her tiny little hands and feet..How she yawns and stretches..You will find yourself smiling despite the zillion ‘important’ things you have to do..!!
  1. Remember to feel your belly…it feels very different with the bump and off it!!! You will be surprised to realise that it’s as soft as your baby’s skin!!!
  1. Most new moms are just not in the mood to dress up or look great..Never mind! It is that time of your life when you feel all emotions at once..You may be overwhelmed..Ecstatic..Irritable…tired all at once..This is probably the only time you would realise so many emotions existed in you!!!
  1. It is ok if u don’t ‘feel’ for your new born yet!

Oh yes! You are ‘the mom’ and you are supposed to ‘feel’ for the baby but a lot of us don’t fall in love at once…we grow into the new relationship…so even though you may feel indifferent towards your little one crying (babies are supposed to cry right?! So what?!) you will be the most loving mommy your baby could ever get!

  1. It is ok to be overwhelmed and confused too..!!

There is no other relationship that will take so much hardwork as being a mom does!! So you were a daughter..a sister..a wife…etc but it was all easily done coz you were dealing with adults or someone from a similar age group all the while..But this is a new game altogether!!! So be assured that you are doing the right thing.

  1. This too shall pass..

While some moms think this is the best time with their little ones coz they aren’t mobile yet so they can do whatever they want with them…cuddle them dress them up…etc; others are eager for this phase to pass and have their little ones communicating with them so they feel more human.. J Either ways it is good to remind yourself that this phase shall pass make the most of it now..

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