Run your own race Dhruv and let them run theirs…

toddler-508666_640 Dhruv, Did you realise you are running a race. A mad race with no visible deadline…

The race started long before you popped out of me…and shall continue, today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life…

Of course you didn’t realise. But you will. Soon.

They will never let you be. Never.

So I got to know you were in me and then the mad race began, for you. How many times do you kick within me…can I feel you swirl. What does a 3 month old foetus do…. You were already rated an under performer or outstanding performer well before you came down.

Then you popped out and milestones were set. when did you start smiling, looking around, rolling over, crawling and the list goes on endlessly.. There already was peer pressure. But you couldn’t care less.

There you are, oblivious of the foolishness..

Now as I contemplate the mess I have brought you into, I need to help you find a way out.

I wish you remain as oblivious in most things in your life as you are now. Impossible.

Dhruv, there would always be someone ahead of you and someone behind you. If you fall for the trap and try to ‘catch up’, you will have a million people to catch up everyday..

You could feel happy to have caught up and left many people behind you or you could feel frustrated about your inability to catch up with the many ahead of you.

The happiness of each accomplishment will be momentary and will soon be replaced by frustration of someone else pacing ahead of you.

There is only one way out.

Race against no one but yourself. Be better than what you were yesterday.

May it not be about them, May it be about you.

The world may try to force it on you. I may try to force it on. Don’t budge.

Run your own race my baby.

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