So childhood is apparently the best time of one’s life!

Well, I think there is always room for a better childhood…room for lesser ‘No’s and more ‘Yes’s. (I hope this post gets lost in the heap of posts I envisage myself to produce so Dhruv never reads that his mom actually said this)

jumping on the bed

I think it’s a crime to forbid a child from the following:

Playing in the rain/playing in water

  • Though it is pure bliss, I can’t do it in the middle of the road or my terrace or it’ll look like a Bollywood scene just scripted, shot and executed wrong!

Playing in mud/sand

  • For reasons same as above
  • Also I now have some amount of science stuffed in my head – which says mud = germs, so I’d rather have Dhruv enjoy his mud(without eating it!) and then clean him up

Run around – Just yelling, sorry YELLING random syllables put together

  • I don’t have the energy for that sort of ‘work out’
  • My creativity is sort of limited when it comes to new language/word formation

Just laughing nonstop for absolutely silly reasons– especially after a sugar overdose

  • My laugh would sound quite eerie faaar from cute
  • It might be mistaken for some sort of acute mental illness

Jumping on the bed

  • This is one thing I would love to do if the bed can take my load bouncing on and off it. I would love to have a spring bed though (I thought this is the right time and medium to convey this to Sabarish!)

Climbing up stuff

  • If I were a climbing enthusiast I would go hiking or trekking. There is nothing at home which would give me such an extreme sense of thrill. I suppose Dhruv thinks the window grill and ladder are the greatest heights he can conquer (I hope he never sees one of those Mountain Dew ads!)
  • I don’t fancy climbing up the window grill for I have better vision of what lies outside without climbing

Eating food – in really weird combinations

  • For me, the permutation and combination is set and done. Chapathi with Dal/Curry/Sabzi and NOT kheer (rice pudding). Let him explore and come up with his combo, unlike me who followed the tradition – blindly (though I would prefer him experimenting with less crucial things like food rather than say well..himself!!)

Yes, they may fall sick or get hurt but that is how major part of childhood passes by – play – hurt – recover – play again. If your stop them from the fear of falling sick or getting hurt you’d rather just cage them!

I also think apart from the fun bit they develop a lot of motor and sensory skill, creativity and enthusiasm from all of this.

There may be many many more. Do feel free to add onto the list so that the rest of us can realize what we are depriving our little adults of!!

Ultimately they will grow up and find these small things in life less amusing till they have their own progeny (Wha!) and they rediscover childhood!!

P.S : However I keep hoping that all the fun and laughter doesn’t really cost me a bomb which is why I havent included scribbling on a freshly painted wall!!

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