The Art of Procrastination!

It is amazing how my 2.5 year old has mastered the art of procrastination.

Every single morning he would wake up anytime between 5 am to 5.45 am. Wow that is an early riser you would think. Yes. But he also makes sure the entire neighbourhood wakes up with him.

So we tried hard to get him into the habit of brushing his teeth straight out of the bed. SO after a bit of cuddling we would break the news to him.


Me:        Dhruv lets brush your teeth.
D:           No
Me:        See mom and dad have all brushed their teeth. Ha Haa (close up style fresh breath of air)
D:           Mine is also Ha haaaa (urghhh fire out of dragon’s mouth!)
Me:        Ewww bad breath. Which is why you need to brush your teeth!’
D:           Noooo
Me:        Yesssss

I drag him out of the bed into the bathroom.

Me         Yayyy. Lets brush!!

Dhruv looks up at me wondering why someone would get excited about scrubbing his mouth.

I proceed to take the brush to his mouth when he says thoughtfully: ‘Ma I can’t see the mirror here. I need to see myself like you do when you brush your teeth.’ – Excuse 1

Damn. We proceed to some place with a full length mirror so he can admire himself.

He checks himself out and exclaims ‘Ahhh my tummy is hurting – I need to lie down.’ – Excuse 2

It is been 15 minutes and I am beginning to lose it. I am at the verge of explosion when he calmly says: ‘I don’t like you brushing my teeth. I want dad.’ – Excuse 3

Then there was:

Excuse 4 – ‘The Toothpaste is bitter’

Excuse 5 – ‘I want to brush in the living room’

Excuse 6 – ‘I want to watch a video and brush my teeth’

Excuse 7 – ‘I want my grandma to brush my teeth’

After freaking 25 minutes when all of us have successfully tried all peaceful ways to clean his teeth, We finally give up proceed. Sabarish holds him tight – his hands and feet tight enough so he can’t wriggle out. I hold his mouth – open it wide like it were a sewer and scrub.

In 2 minutes it is all done.

Sabarish and I – give each other a high five on successfully completing our mission – with both our brains crying out on the effort we’d have to put on get this tiny devil at bay!

Dhruv yells and cries and is deeply hurt that all his efforts have gone vain. But I can see the determination in his eyes. His tiny brains are already busy plotting the plan for tomorrow. God save us!

6 thoughts on “The Art of Procrastination!

  1. Hilarious! I don’t know why kids hate to brush. For vi, I have a song that I have to sing when he brushes. Ok to motivate Dhruv, you could let him brush his own teeth and do it with you, like when you are brushing. Vi used to love it earlier. Now he’s lazy and wants me to brush up for him after a while.


  2. What eventful mornings!!! Well no reasoning works with a 2.5 year old.
    Sometime in March this year, I had terrible pain in my molars and I had to get 2 of those extracted. The extraction was all the more painful and Dhruv was witness to all my hysteria and tears rolling down my face. This experience saw a changed Dhruv who watches the number of squares he eats of a chocolate and never fails to get his teeth brushed twice a day.
    So, Sangeetha happy days are on their way and if they take their own sweet time to come then a visit to the dentist can always be arranged 😀


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