Let girls be girls : The myth that is Gender Equality!


One thought that was been implanted deep into my unconscious being from the time I was little was – I am in no way lesser than my male counterpart.

But somehow as I grew older I interpreted the same as ‘I am equal to my male counterpart.’

I would have lived through this fallacy all my life had it not been for Motherhood.

Duhhh!!! The¬†fundamental difference between a man and woman is the latter’s ability to reproduce – Like we didn’t know about it!

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One thought on “Let girls be girls : The myth that is Gender Equality!

  1. Hi Sangeetha, I really liked this blog of yours. Why should women have to equal men when they have their own special gift from god …. and how we fight our natural extincts to prove that we are equal to men …. very well written article… it is a big achievement if women can pause and think about what they really want for themselves rather than what the world expects from them! kids grow up so fast !


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