New year – a new beginning?!!!

Don’t we all love new beginnings??


I remember having a new beginning at least 20 times last year!!

It starts with the New year’s day – ‘This New Year’s I will change myself one bit at a time’ – after day 2 I am back to loving my unchanged self.

Then comes the first of every month – I will definitely change this 1st!!

Nope – not quite there yet!

Then every festive season – be in Diwali, Eid, Independence day – anything – we decide to turn a new leaf – and since it is India I get plenty of opportunities here.

Birthdays mean new beginnings – don’t it?

Then the new year according to the Lunar calendar or maybe the Chinese calendar has to be a new beginning.

And so my love for new beginnings shall continue this year too – with me waking up and starting afresh every time I get an opportunity!

Some may call thisĀ procrastination – but I’d like to call it ‘Looking forward to!’

Cheers to the lovely year that was!

Cheers to clean slates!


Many more Cheers to the new year and the spirit of new beginnings!

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