Parental Syndrome : My baby cutest.

SO you are pregnant…and past that phase of shock or surprise and in that phase of dreamy delight, where you expect your bump to pop and you be handed over with the cutest baby ever.

If you are the sorts who pick up every baby you can lay your eyes on and say awww sooo cute….irrespective of the absolute mismatch in the head to body ratio or the creepy tiny hands and feet, you will safely remain happy.

There can only be 2 possible outcomes for your bump:

Case 1 : You are among those blessed many who pop out a chubby cute ball of snow…with the perfect complexion, pink lips cute small eyes and just enough hair…

Thank your stars. You are truly privileged.

Case 2: You are  thrust upon with a screaming squeaking creature whose hands and feet remind you of umm…never mind..

Hold your breath. It is just your karma firing right back at you. Yes eventually it will fill out and look umm..cute..well, lets hope..(Forgive me for my insensitivity…You may want to throw your shoes at your monitor. Go ahead, do it. I probably deserve it for calling a spade, a spade!)

I must admit I had very limited exposure to new borns, till I had Dhruv. So I was pretty disturbed when I saw what I had produced!

Till he was 4 months old, nobody but Sabarish and I could say he is cute.

So every visitor who came to see Dhruv and me fell into the same trap.

We thrust the baby onto them and then indisputably ask the most hated question ‘Isn’t he adorable???? Doesn’t he look like an angel?’

And they tighten their grip on the chair, table or whatever they can get their hand on at that moment, and reply : ‘Absolutely! He looks just like you!’

There! Am zapped! Really?? Do I look like that?!?

From then on, I have never summed the courage to repeat the routine!

After my own, I cant help but laugh at all of those; who force the words of fondness out of  a visitor’s mouth and compel them to be the ‘faker’ that they probably are not!

So being as judgmental as I am, I conveniently hide all the pictures from his birth till 4 months in folders within folders till they are lost; and anyone attempting to find them will grow tired of opening folders.

That’s my Dhruv, Ladies and Gentlemen!!!(Just so that he doesn’t get mad about this post 15 years from now!)


Awww…Isn’t he cute!!! (Agree – NOW!)

Dhruv, I love you baby! In my pursuit to be unconditional I will continue to hide those first few photos of yours!

The Bumpy Bliss..Time To Reflect!!

There is more than what meets the eye!!

The real reason

The pregnancy test kit gave a strike against both the C and T?!?!


You are pregnant….Awww…Congratulations!!

Despite the morning sickness, the irritability, mood swings and the many things it tags along, it still is a wonderful experience isn’t it?! (all dads-to-be, please ignore..)

Everyone showers you with attention. Your parents, your husband and in-laws pamper you like you are all that matters to them…Why, even the stranger on the road will make way for you…What a life!!

Is this for real?? What really has changed pre and post the test?? Is it you…??? How has the world remain such a beautiful place to be. Always??

Well, it would do you good to remember a few things through the months you are pregnant…

  • The reason for all this attention you get is not really you. It is your bump, the tiny little thing that is taking life in your body.
  • All the pampering is also meant for the bump!! So while you pamper the little one within you, people around you feel the need to do their bit for the little one and the only way they can do that is through you!!
  • SO the real reason for all the good that’s happening to you is not you. It’s your bump!!!

We can sense all you lovelies with those beautiful bumps….cursing us…Hold on…NO..NO!! Never lose your grace Missies!!

We’re sorry to burst your bubble but we are sure you know it deep within but choose to ignore.

Once this idea is clear in your mind then you are rooted.

So, this really is just a reminder. Now we are ready for the onward journey….

The Million Dollar Reaction!!

The roller coaster ride could start from the day the big secret gets revealed..

And it could be similar for both him and her.

But the underlying emotion could be only 2..its either OOPS!! or WOW!!

Either way it would help to gulp down a glass of water.

GULP GULP GULP..still not okay?? gulp down another glass.. more glasses of know you can’t wash it out …:P

It’s there and there to stay.

You need to take a deep breath and embrace the moment of truth.

The WOW people


A lot of us would have been waiting for this to happen..

Smile…yell out to the world…jump on your bed…your prayers have been answered…!!

You could take a while to come out of your dream world.

Permission granted.. 🙂

The OOPS people

DCF 1.0

For a lot of us it could come as a total surprise (or shock rather), well, it is never as bad as you’d think..

Put your hands over your tummy and imagine a cute little being taking form in you..

Google and watch a video of the foetus taking life. And you will instantly connect..

Believe me, it is the most beautiful path you would tread in your life…if you always thought a puppy, a kitten or even a bonsai is cute…then this far beyond all that!!!

And it is up to you to make it stressful or blissful..

This could be your lottery ticket to happiness..!!!

You would smile eventually, then why delay?!


Take it as it comes and remember to record your reaction in some journal.

You may stumble upon it someday and have a hearty laugh!!!