How many lives are you living??

So we think life is short, sooo much to do in soo little time.

Onabumpyride-Miles to go before i sleep

Apparently the mango tree in my backyard thinks the same. SO today she decides to produce all the mangoes plus some apples oranges etc. Talk about productivity and efficiency! There she was, desperately trying to be all in one…to be ‘efficient’.. I am totally oblivious of her decision to ‘be it all’ and ‘do it all’. I go to the backyard only to find her confused. There are no mangoes, let alone apples and oranges.. I am concerned. We have a small chat, which is when I realise her pursuit.. It forces me to reflect upon the idea. Am I not the mango tree sometimes?! Do I not try to be everything I fancy and in that process do I fail to deliver my purpose in life (now whatever that is!) It saddens me to wake her up to the truth, the truth that she doesn’t really have a choice. A mango tree is supposed to yield mangoes. This does not make her work any less important, for if she doesn’t produce the mangoes, who will? Yes. We need to go back to Mother Nature to know our roots, that every life has a purpose assigned. Humans are no different. Each of us born have a reason to be here. We could have different purposes at different phases of life. But at any point of time one reason is far above the rest, knowingly or unknowingly. What seems so simple may not be simple after all.. Yes I don’t want to be a doctor, lawyer and banker at the same time but I do want to be the best daughter, wife and mommy and top it with a splendid career all at once. Can I wait? No – I want everything done NOW. SO while one half of me is at work, the other half of me craves for my baby.. I cannot bite into the fact that there is a reason why many women choose one or the other. Either family or career.. You cannot have the cake and eat it too. Somehow this fact struck me hard only after I had Dhruv and decided to go back to work. I realised that I needed to get my priorities right…I cannot be both the perfect home maker and a career woman.. I cannot cook clean feed and play with my little one when am out of home 8 hours a day..which leaves me 4-5 waking hours with him..I have to choose one over the other. And for all those million women who tell me they have just the right balance, you are so lying! I needed to reflect. One Question which will help me. What is the most important thing in my life right now? Family So everything else I do should compliment it and not compete with it. If I work that should be so the family does better (not just financially but emotionally too) Hence the family woman in me clearly wins over the career woman. I work a few hours a week so I get some time off from home, to rejuvenate, so I come back home ready to take on my family (Too much of even a good thing is bad, remember?!) We all need to find our real purpose (No, I don’t mean salvation). We may have many, but one is way more important than the others, others work in realising the one… So while we may have many lives squeezed into one, at any point one is more important than the rest. So,it is normal to have many lives in one, BUT there can’t be two parallel lives. How many lives are you living??