Confessions of An Erstwhile Superwoman

So I was born thinking I could do just about anything I really wanted to and the fact that I really wanted not too many things made life much easier for me. So being ‘normal’ was more than enough for me.


I had no super natural wishes as a kid. I never really wanted to grow wings and fly.

When I was a round blob at the age of 10 – I never really thought it was necessary to be otherwise. I was more than happy being a nerd because c’mon who doesn’t want to be a nerd?!

Through teens also I must admit that I had a very simple wish – just continue being a nerd – no more challenges. So you would think I had explored all aspects of being the nerd like the spelling bee and quizzes and debates and elocutions. Nah. Only the curriculum please. No more no less. That popular girl in school who manages to look like a super model and manages to dance sing and play tennis along with acing her studies? Who wanted to be her! Not me.

So you see I was pretty complacent all through my life. No challenges No risks. Happy that God gave me all the ‘essentials’ to be happy and healthy. There would be many people who seemed to be everything and do everything but I was happy in my small world. Let them stretch themselves and conquer the universe.

Evidently throughout most part of my life I had very limited aspirations and responsibilities which needed no super natural powers.

And then it happened. It happened so gradually that I didn’t even realise. It grew on me till I could no longer ignore it. I was showing symptoms of what would later be diagnosed as ‘Super woman syndrome’

Until recently I managed to juggle between all the roles that nature has bestowed upon me pretty well. Umm let’s see in no particular order:

  1. Some bit of house work
  2. Some bit of chores
  3. Some bit of office
  4. Some bit of my Hammock and swing business
  5. Some bit of blogging
  6. Some bit of exercise
  7. And a huge bit of momming.

Well that’s a lot of bits – but I did manage. Wuuu Huu – Super woman I was!!

It was something I least aspired to be but I became out of sheer circumstances (as is the case for most of us).

All was smooth till God looked down and said ‘Hmm now you seem very comfortable missy. I think I’ll shake you up a bit.’

So my support system (read Mom In Law) at home unfortunately decided to support me less from now on which resulted in me deciding to work from home.

BANG! My whole world just came crashing down on me.

Are the meals made?  Barely

Is the child dressed and sent to school? Barely

Is the house and hubby taken care of? Ignore the question

Is the child fed and happy? Really? Can children be happy?

Are the blogs done? Not in a month

The business did you say? Oh thank god for hubby dear

Office work? Hmmm. The fruit of compulsion.

In this sorry state the erstwhile super woman in me decides to dump me and fly out of my body and transforms into a shooting star.

I am now a normal being who is left haunted by the ghost of the superwoman with a pile of this that and everything to finish.

One look at the to-do list and I am quick to prioritise the essentials – the rest can wait – eternally. Essential being just ummm food?? So blogging, work, housekeeping and everything else can wait.

I shall now be the Queen of Procrastination till I figure out another support system (no, not really another MIL) which will alleviate me to the super woman I was!

Till then I go back to my sweet slumber..

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