Money Money Money!!

So we spend the first 5 years of life in ignorant bliss, 17-20 years learning all the different ways of making money and learning what to do with money; and the next 30 years or more dealing with money.


Money so we can eat, drink, clothe, shelter and amuse ourselves…

Money so we can live today, tomorrow and a 50 years from now.

Money for me, my kids, grand kids and maybe even theirs!!

It is amazing how my 2 year old knows about trade. We play ‘the shopkeeper’. And he sure seems to grasp this concept better than I would want him to!


Next day I wake up and start about my chores.

So I need to pay for the milk in the morning. I frantically search for my purse and then notice an oversize bag instead of my purse. Same fabric, same color. Wha!! I dig in hoping that the money in it has magically transformed into gold coins – I open to find 2 bags of rice!!!

I cry out loud. Everyone comes running and we do a thorough search of all the drawers/shelves at home which has wealth in any form.

All gone. Replaced by bags of grains, spices, rolls of cloths!! OMG!!

We run to our neighbors to realize that the world as we know it is over.

Apparently the Divine has decided to just ‘replace’ all wealth as we know it from the face of earth – currency, gold, precious stones, bond papers – with necessary commodities.

Wealthy cars to bullock carts – you get the idea don’t you?!

The news is full of it. It has hit mankind at all levels.

All the world powers are praying in solidarity for the first time. Bring back money oh Lord!!

All the Arab world is shocked at how the crude oil has turned to sea water.

All the ‘other’ countries are … well…just confused as usual – not so sure what they are running after anymore.

I imagine God is now smiling and sipping a glass of his lemon tea, quite amused at his brilliance.

Absolute catastrophe! No earthquake no tornado. This is far far worse!

I love it though. I like being primitive. Farmer. Barter. Nothing fancy. No rich citizens shoving their richness onto my face! I can now live the life of my dreams, where all men are truly born equal (and I am best among equals)!

BOMP! BOOOOOMP!! BOMP! Maa! Ammmaaaa!!!

Dhruv screams into my ears. I jump up. Slightly disillusioned, I hurriedly climb down the bed to check my purse.

Damn! Just the money I had left in it. No rice. No grains!

And money is where money was and will always be…sigh!

I get up and go out to see the neighbour’s mini cooper staring at me in the eye saying ‘U wish!’

So I continue to do what I do best. Run after all the money I can’t have till money turns around and bites me!

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