The Bumpy Bliss..Time To Reflect!!

There is more than what meets the eye!!

The real reason

The pregnancy test kit gave a strike against both the C and T?!?!


You are pregnant….Awww…Congratulations!!

Despite the morning sickness, the irritability, mood swings and the many things it tags along, it still is a wonderful experience isn’t it?! (all dads-to-be, please ignore..)

Everyone showers you with attention. Your parents, your husband and in-laws pamper you like you are all that matters to them…Why, even the stranger on the road will make way for you…What a life!!

Is this for real?? What really has changed pre and post the test?? Is it you…??? How has the world remain such a beautiful place to be. Always??

Well, it would do you good to remember a few things through the months you are pregnant…

  • The reason for all this attention you get is not really you. It is your bump, the tiny little thing that is taking life in your body.
  • All the pampering is also meant for the bump!! So while you pamper the little one within you, people around you feel the need to do their bit for the little one and the only way they can do that is through you!!
  • SO the real reason for all the good that’s happening to you is not you. It’s your bump!!!

We can sense all you lovelies with those beautiful bumps….cursing us…Hold on…NO..NO!! Never lose your grace Missies!!

We’re sorry to burst your bubble but we are sure you know it deep within but choose to ignore.

Once this idea is clear in your mind then you are rooted.

So, this really is just a reminder. Now we are ready for the onward journey….

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